Avro Arrow with sound barrier conical cloud disc.
Image by: James Wood

Gavin Hamilton, London, Ontario

Photo by: Richard Bain

About Gavin Hamilton, MD, FRCP(C)

Gavin Continues his life long research in fundamental Fuild Dynamics. His passion and desire to expand and share his analyses has resulted in this website and many printed publications that he has authored.

In retirement, Gavin has continued to

  1. Research and write about a potentially lethal toxic and allergenic natural rubber chemical, MBT (mercapto-benzothiazole), which continues to contaminate injections wordwide.
  2. Challenge - and put to rest - the persisting theory that the 1980-81 baby deaths at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children were caused by digoxin poisoning.
  3. Pursue a 40-year interest in fundamental Fluid Dynamics, expanding on his theory that coherent sound energy is responsible for the phenomenon of transition of laminar flow to turbulence, it having been a longstanding tenet in Fluid Dynamics theory that sound is an effect - rather than the cause - of transition of turbulence.

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